A new kind of normal – fighting Endo & other Chronic Illnesses



I had the honor of meeting some lovely ladies that did a ‘blogging’ for Endo.

I was blessed to be able to donate some items for their blogger campaign.

If you know someone or you are this someone, fighting chronic illness.
Please visit their Facebook page and their website page – for support and resources of information…

Facebook PAGE

Website PAGE

Blogging for Endo

Jamee does a GREAT job on her page, I always find support & resources on her site every time I visit…


Endo The Pain

We welcome our newest awareness group…
Click here to visit their website

Endo The Pain

Their website is designed to raise awareness for Endometriosis and to reach out to those who suffer every day from this disease, a place where women can go to find information and support….Ashley Nicole

FJJ Creations is a PROUD sponsor for  Ashley’s March ENDO campaign!!

endo (2)

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley a few weeks back when she messaged me about supporting her ENDO campaign for March. I was honored to have an Endometriosis group to support for this year..

They have them listed and ready on the Face Book Page!!

Visit the Face Book Page

Go help get your support for all the Lovely Ladies world wide suffering from Endometriosis..

Strength-Love & Hugs
Jenjer- FJJ Creations

Vendor Fair for PCOS Awareness

We want to offer a warm welcome to Laura and her team at:

1656424_189450374598943_266782605_n (1)Click here to visit their Face Book page
Vendor Fair for PCOS Awareness

Who are they?
PCOS Foundation is an organization that was started to bring awareness and support to those struggling with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). 7 million women in the U.S. alone have PCOS and less than half are even aware. Our way to help is we are having a Vendor Fair in Omaha, NE at Northwest High School on April 5th, and at the fair there will be a raffle and an auction where all proceeds go to PCOS awareness.

FJJ Creations Awareness Support Designs
pcos (1)

I met Laura a while back and wanted to help offer some designs for her auction, at the time I was still in the hospital, but was thankfully home in time to get some off to mail for her March PCOS awareness campaign.

Go to their Face Book page for a chance to help support PCOS Awareness!
Vendor Fair for PCOS Awareness

You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth


You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth by: Drew Kelly

I had the honor of chatting via twitter with Drew, (@Baby_In_Heaven) as he kindly complimented me on my designs, he mentioned his book and offered to send it to me as a gift.  His book is just as the title reads, A man’s perspective of stillbirth.

I downloaded the book and my first mistake was starting my read while getting my hair colored, as you know this takes us ladies a couple hours, so I thought it would be a good time to dive into his book….bad plan, my heart was pulled in every emotional direction within 20 minutes. I felt the lump in my throat and the cry in my heart for their story.

I must say, I had to force myself to stop, as the tears were quickly gaining ground. I went home and in place of rushing to get my daily things done, I sat down instead and continued reading… As of today (when I posted this) I have made it to about 55% of the book and have found I must take it in stages. It’s a wonderful book, but very heavy indeed.

Drew and his lovely wife have done an amazing job on this book. I simply love it, not the story or the issue, but the sharing and the support they give by opening up their very private issue to help those who have gone through this.

I would recommend this book in a NY second!

You can get the kindle edition or paperback here on amazon:
You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth by: Drew Kelly

Thank you Drew & your lovely Wife for sharing your story!!

NWO Apraxia Support

What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech?

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder that first becomes apparent as a young child is learning speech. For reasons not yet fully understood, children with apraxia of speech have great difficulty planning and producing the precise, highly refined and specific series of movements of the tongue, lips, jaw and palate that are necessary for intelligible speech…..read more


You will find wonderful information & support with this lovely, caring group!


We are honored to have been able to donate a few items for their Care Bags giving to: Angels 4 Epilepsy


Please visit their site, or pass it on to a friend or family member that needs a place for help, encouragement and information..  VISIT NWO WEBSITE


Booties For Africa

iusb_760x100.10825758_hmrzil_570xN.362423757_pjk2 aFZxS.AuSt.13
Well this lovely lady will quickly warm your heart!

April Martin is balancing sewing booties for the orphanage and filling orders for boutiques and her online Etsy.com shop. Her shoes are colorful and creative — featuring everything from football team logos to butterflies.

One pair of vintage-style baby booties for sale through Etsy is made from tea-dyed newsprint fabric. Buttons are fashioned from pennies.

Read more here: Tri-City Herald 

Martin is making the trip to Africa with four others — her sister and a pal, who both live in Canada, and friends Kendal Orona and Meiske Morgan from the Tri-Cities.

We are honored to have donated some items for her upcoming auction to help get her funded for her trip to Africa.


Give Your Support Today…Visit her store and find ADORABLE booties and also support a GREAT cause!!

 il_570xN.303360463   il_570xN.361893697_byyr

Thank you April for being such a kind person!!
Glad our paths crossed – Strength-Love & Hugs!!

Hiking For Carrie…

Hiking For Carrie…


teal_keychain  blue_butterfly_locket  teal

We are honored to help support- Hiking For Carrie – 
Hiking for Hope… for an Ovarian Cancer Cure; fundraising event in Spokane Valley, Washington, to bring awareness to ovarian cancer.

Hike is being held in honor of: Vanessa Cordova’s mother who passed recently from her battle with ‘Ovarian Cancer…

Words From Vanessa
The hiking fundraiser we will be hosting in honor of my mother, Carrie Johnson-Cordova. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer on June 23, 2013 and wished to have all monetary gifts sent to ovarian cancer research.

Visit their page for more information…

JULY 10th: UPDATE From Vanessa:
Well, it’s official! The Dishman Hills Conservancy has okay’d the Hiking for Hope event for my mommy!!! The online registration site is still under construction, but will be up soon; the newly updated flyer is below. I hope to see you all there…


carrie event